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Focallure Brush Cleaner Professional Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner
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Focallure Brush Cleaner Professional Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

Professional Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner

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To avoid build up of germs, professionals recommend cleaning your makeup brushes once a week. But when did you last clean your makeup brushes? The problem is traditional cleaning methods are messy, laborious and can leave brushes wet and unusable for up to 24 hours.

Loved by Beauty professionals, makeup enthusiasts and featured by Cosmopolitan, OK!, Hello!, Daily Mail, Metro, BuzzFeed, Wayne Goss - over 50,000 have been sold to date. Click the videos below to see why. 

The amazing makeup brush cleaner, invented by BBC Apprentice Winner Tom Pellereau, cleans and dries all makeup brush types in seconds, leaving brushes clean and ready to reuse straight away.

Follow the above 5 steps once a week for amazingly clean brushes and healthy skin:

  1. Select the best fitting collar. There are 8 to choose from. 
  2. Attach the collar to the device. 
  3. For water-soluble makeup (for example: blusher, bronzer and loose powder), squeeze a small amount your preferred liquid soap into the bowl. Add water to the bowl until the water level is half the height of the brush bristles.
  4. For non-water soluble makeup (for example foundation), add one sachet (10ml) of Makeup Brush Cleanser into the bowl. 
  5. Softly dunk the brush up and down in the liquid, pressing the brush lightly into the BOWL to open the bristles slightly. Whilst gently pressing the brush down in the bowl, switch on the. Slowly move the brush up and down for 10 seconds, keeping the brush underneath the liquid level at all times. 
  6. Gradually lift the spinning brush out of the liquid (but keep inside the bowl) and leave it to spin above the liquid level. As the brush lifts from the dirty liquid, the bristles will splay out and you will see the water/cleanser and dirt being spun out of the brush. Leave the brush spinning above the liquid. After 10 seconds switch off the Makeup Brush Cleaner. Your brush will be clean and dry.
What's in the package?
8 x Flexible silicone collars (30mm, 24mm, 19mm, 15mm, 11mm, 9mm, 7mm, 5mm)
1 x Professional Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner device
1 x Tritan unbreakable bowl neck and collar

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